Who Is Marilyn Stanley? Woman Scalped By Boyfriend TikTok Explained – What Happened?

Who Is Marilyn Stanley? Is she the woman in the zombie woman TikTok videos? Let’s find out.

Several videos circulating on the networks assure that the “zombie woman” is Marilyn Stanley, a girl her boyfriend tortured in 2015.

This theory sounds quite credible, but in the viral video, you can see that the police wear masks, which makes us doubt the credibility of this story, since in 2015 there was no pandemic and wearing a mask were not very common; what do you think?

Who Is Marilyn Stanley?

Marilyn Stanley was scalped by her ex and beaten until she was unconscious.

Marilyn’s then-boyfriend Zachary Gross scalped and abused her. Moreover, she was mauled by his pit bull terrier named Capone. After the abuse, he kissed her and handed her a bag full of her bloody hair.

Woman Scalped By Boyfriend TikTok Explained – What Happened?

A video of an alleged “zombie woman” was trending on TikTok. Seattle Police Officers were able to restrain her and take her to a hospital.

The two original videos surrounding the incident were removed from TikTok. In the first, you could see a woman with difficulty moving, screaming in despair, and with bloody clothes.

The woman had no hair on her head, and her skin looked abnormal.

In the video, it is seen how the alleged “zombie woman” walks aimlessly in pain with blood stains and bare feet. Many people have concluded that the mysterious case of the Zombie Woman of Seattle shows similarities with the case of Marilyn Stanley in 2015.

According to Fox19, Marilyn Stanley was physically abused by Zachary Gross for nearly an hour. When she tried to defend herself with a knife, Gross made his dog attack her.

80% of Stanley’s scalp was torn off her head. The dog ripped apart her scalp and ear.

After the incident, Gross forced her to look at the mirror and put the torn scalp and hair in a bag. She was taken to the hospital with extremely swollen eyes and a broken nose.