Who Is Jennifer Tracy-Duplass? Jay Duplass Wife and Family

Jay Duplass remains secretive about his wife, Jenniffer Tracy-Duplass. Find out more about them.

Jenniffer Tracy-Duplass is the wife of an American filmmaker Jay Duplass.

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1 Who is Jay Duplass Wife Jeniffer Tracy-Duplass?2 Jeniffer & Jay Duplass Height and Net worth- Family Explored3 Jay Duplass: Age and Salary4 Is Jay Duplass Married- Instagram Bio

Who is Jay Duplass Wife Jeniffer Tracy-Duplass?

Jeniffer Tracy- Duplass is the wife of an American filmmaker, actor, and writer Jay Duplass. She is a social worker by profession. She is married to Jay Duplass since 2001 and has been living her happy married life since then. She also has two kids- a son and a daughter. However, their names are not revealed yet.

Jeniffer & Jay Duplass Height and Net worth- Family Explored

Jay Duplass has a height of 5ft. 9in. There is no specific data on how tall Jeniffer is but looking at their photo together; they do not seem to have much difference in their height.

Jeniffer may be slightly shorter than Jay- probably she may be around 5ft. 5in. tall or above.

Jeniffer is a social worker and actively works towards helping socially deprived people. In contrast, Jay Duplass has a successful career that is entirely different from his wife’s.

He is a filmmaker, actor and writer who has played award-winning roles in television series like ‘Transparent’ where he played the role of a ‘Transgender,’ which gives essential life lessons.

His net worth is estimated to be $50 million but Jeniffer’s net worth is still unknown.

Jay Duplass has kept his personal life away from the limelight even though he belongs to the face of the entertainment industry by profession. Thus, there is rarely any information about his family, wife and children.

He usually talks about his kids on Twitter but does not reveal their names and rarely posts their pictures.

Jay Duplass: Age and Salary

Jay Duplass was born on March 7, 1973, and is at the age of 48. He is one of the successful film directors, producers and actors. He has made appearances in movies like Beatriz at Dinner and Prospect.

He plays various roles in his career; however, his salary is not revealed yet.

Is Jay Duplass Married- Instagram Bio

Yes, Jay Duplass is happily married to Jennifer Duplass since 2001. He is quite popular on Instagram as well, with 13.2k followers. He rarely shares his personal life. But last month he shared Jeniffer’s picture on Instagram, mentioning how much he misses her and the kids.

You can find Jay Duplass on Instagram with the username @jayduplass and find Jennifer with the username jtdthatsme. However, her account is private for the time being.

Jay Duplass Twitter- @jayduplass

Jennifer Duplass Twitter- @jentracyduplass