Miley Cyrus Brother Christopher Cody Net Worth: Age, Height, Family

Miley Cyrus Brother Christopher Cody Net Worth: Age, Height, Family

Miley Cyrus Brother Christopher Cody Net Worth: Age, Height, Family. Christopher Cody is the lesser known name in the ‘Cyrus’ family. Christopher Cody, the eldest son of Billy Ray Cyrus, is the forgotten Cyrus spawn who rose to fame as the secret brother of multi-millionaire artist, Miley Cyrus.

He and Miley are only seven months apart!

Birthday: April 8, 1992 (age 26)Ethnicity: N/ANationality: AmericanProfession: N/A

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Salary and Net Worth 2018

Christopher Cody, a man with many talents, is the eldest yet hidden away the son of Billy Cyrus. The buzz that he is not that close with the ‘Cyrus’ family has generated the queries whether he has or not gotten the share of the wealth.

On that note, estimating the total wealth of Christopher Cody without knowing his actual profession is quite hard.

Whereas his half-sister Miley Cyrus’s estimated net worth is $200 million and as per his father’s, it’s estimated at $20 million.

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Net Worth: N/ASalary: N/A

Professional Career

Christopher Cody became a household name when his relationship with Billy Cyrus hit the tabloids. Unlike his Cyrus siblings, he hasn’t embarked on a career in Hollywood.

Career Timeline

Member on ‘Cyrus’ clan is endowed with musical talents, and somewhere Christopher might have inherited that talent from his father which will be fun to watch if he had embarked a musical careerChristopher is known to have been working as a film score composerHowever, there are no recorded career highlights of Christopher, but, with the fact that he is a Law School grad, he is probably inclined on that front

Body Measurements and Lifestyle

Christopher Cody is a young lad who is charming, determined and hardworking. He has an ideal body with tall height and an average built, but, the exact & current vital stats of this vibrant individual are yet to be revealed.

With his natural physique compounded with well-toned muscles, Christopher is one strong man, both physically and mentally.

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Height: N/ABody Measurements: N/APlastic Surgery: N/AWeight: N/A

Just like his father, he has a towering height and considerable body weight to match his calm personality.

With muscular upper body, silent disposition and winning smile, it’s no wonder he is the progeny of Billy Ray Cyrus.

Despite the glamorous and big family name he has, Christopher prefers non-materialistic lifestyle and low-profile. He has isolated himself from the outer force so bad, that his last Facebook post is on June 15, 2017.

And, when he’s not outdoors, he loves spending time with his family and indulges himself in sports or singing in his spare time.

Family and Personal Life

Christopher Cody is a family man with a beautiful wife and two healthy children. Despite the surname as big as ‘Cyrus’, Christopher has struggled a lot in his life!

Even though having a wealthy celebrity lineage, Christopher has lived more or less under the wraps, leading a modest past and present life. So, let’s unfurl the unsung story of this young man, Christopher.

Quick Info

Parents: Billy Ray Cyrus and Kristin LuckeyWife: N/AChildren: 2Marital Status: Unmarried

Born to American country singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus through his brief relationship with South Carolina native Kristin Luckey, Christopher is that one Cyrus sibling missing from the happy family pictures.

When he was born, his parents were already separated and his father was in a relationship with his future wife Tish who was already pregnant with Miley at the time.

He has altogether three half-siblings named Miley, Braiosn Chance and Noah Cyrus, all from his father’s marriage to producer/actress Tish.

While all his Cyrus siblings are into either entertainment or musical world, he is the one who excels academically.

He had his schooling from the Myrtle Beach Intermediate School & Forrestbrooke Middle High School, both in South Carolina. He then attended Law School at the University of Texas.

While he craved for father’s love all the years, Christopher today is a proud dad of two little angles. His Facebook page claims him to be a happily married man with an anonymous wife and kids.