How Old Is Steven Bertolino? Meet Brian Laundrie’s Lawyer On Instagram

Middle-aged Steven Bertolino is the lawyer for the family of 23-year-old Brian Laundrie, who is the boyfriend of late Gabby Petito. People are curious about his family and net worth.

Steven Bertolino is a well-known lawyer in the USA. Recently, he has been engaged in solving the missing cases.

Steven Bertolino received Law degree from Long Island’s Hofstra University. He had been working in the law file since 1994.

He has a great capability to communicate with clients successfully. He has the claims and effective method in dealing with the clients.

Every client seems to be satisfied with his work; he has great ideas and knowledge in the law field to handle the different cases.

He had worked on various cases such as crime, rules and regulation, family business, and many more.

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Steven Bertolino Age And Wikipedia

Steven Bertolino’s age is around 50-60 years old based on his physical appearance.

He has worked on a wide range of matters in various law, civil, personal injury law, criminal, and many more.

His understanding and ability to communicate with clients using a straightforward approach have enabled Steven to successfully represent clients in many areas of business improvement.

He has never disappointed his customer and always showed a bright and cheerful full side while dealing and handling the cases. He has the ability to tickle the problem and take out the cause and solve it.

He always speaks to the point with the correct proof and investigation. He has always proven that if it’s wrong, it’s wrong; it can’t be proven right.

Steven Bertolino Wife And Family

Steven Bertolino is happily married to his wife, Clark.

He was born in 1932 in Louisiana, U.S. He was the son of Albert Bertolino and Josie Bertolino. He resident of New York.

Steven Bertolino Net Worth Explored

Steven Bertolino’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. He has been working past 27 years in the same field with determination.

He has worked as a lawyer and gained experience in dealing and fighting with different cases.

He also shared skills and knowledge with others and guided them on the right path.

He has been solving different cases without being failed in whichever case he handles. He had earned his salary by doing his work and satisfying the customer, never left the cases without been solved.

Where Is Steven Bertolino Now?

Steven Bertolino is recently in New York, where he has been actively working in the cases as a family lawyer for the past few months.

He is working with a team member.