Greg Anthony Married, Bio, Wife, Divorce, Son, Age, Arrested, Salary, Net Worth

A talented NBA player and a tv analyst would almost certainly have unrivaled fame and notoriety. Greg Anthony, who has always been a point guard and defensive expert, has a career-high score of 14 points per game since playing for Vancouver.

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1 Quick Facts of Greg Anthony2 Is the thorny man settling down after his second marriage?3 Professional Life And Career4 Find out about Greg Anthony’s net worth and salary on this page.5 His Ankle Was Fractured6 Biography of Greg Anthony

Quick Facts of Greg Anthony

Date of Birth November 15, 1967
Age 53 Years 4 Month(s)
Citizenship American
Profession Former NBA Player, Television Analyst
Marital Status Married
Wife/Spouse Chere Anthony (Present), Crystal McCrary (Divorced)
Divorced Yes (Once)
Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth $10 million
Ethnicity Black
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Children/Kids 4 Including Ella (Daughter), Cole (Son)
Height 6 ft
Education Rancho High School, University of Portland, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Greg wanted to use his 11 years of experience as a college basketball analyst for CBS after his physicality began to deteriorate.

Is the thorny man settling down after his second marriage?

Being an NBA star would undoubtedly draw attractive women. It wasn’t any better for Anthony. Crystal McCrary, a lawyer and blogger, is the former Vancouver player’s first wife. Ella, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2002, and Cole, the couple’s son, was born in 2004. (born on 20 May 2000). However, the pair split due to ignorance.

The player never stayed very long in his history and soon got on with his life. Anthony, who had recently been single, fell in love with Chere Anthony. Following that, their marriage was unavoidable, and Greg and his new wife welcomed their first child, a girl, in March 2014.

Greg, on the other hand, made headlines after he was convicted on charges of soliciting sex on January 16, 2015. According to sources from the 11th of February, once he performed 32 hours of community work and stayed out of jail for four months, all proceedings against him will be dismissed. He then finished his community work in Nevada, during which his charges were dismissed.

The analyst’s position at CBS and Turner Sports was suspended after his detention. Greg returned to his role as a studio analyst for CBS and Turner Sports in March 2016 after apologizing to his wife and family for his behavior, which he defined as a “lapse of judgment.”

Greg Anthony seems to be content with his family and children. His social media updates contain a rundown and details about his relatives, including his son and two daughters. In 2012, he reported that his son performed in the New York City region.

Cole Anthony, his uncle, is a professional basketball player. Cole was not a Section V senior basketball prospect in 2018. He has, though, carried on his father’s tradition and made Greg happy. According to the ESPN 100 rankings, the NBA star’s firstborn son is the number two basketball player in the Class of 2019.

Professional Life And Career

Greg captured the 1990 NCAA Championship as a junior with UNLV. He was selected by the New York Knicks in 1991 and played point guard and defensive specialist with them. He went on to play for Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and Milwaukee over the course of a decade.

Since retiring in 2002, he resumed his radio career after a six-year hiatus. In 2008, the coveted athlete reported with CBS Sports as a college basketball analyst. For the 2012-2013 season, Anthony worked as a color commentator for the YES network, covering the Brooklyn Nets. His Instagram updates outline the NBA’s facts and news reports. He maintains the majority of NBA news on his social media pages.

Find out about Greg Anthony’s net worth and salary on this page.

Anthony has served as a warhorse both throughout his professional playing days and since retiring as a competent analyst. The coveted player amassed a net worth of more than $10 million during this period. He serves as a studio analyst for CBS and Turner Sports, where he earns a good living.

He is currently a co-host and commentator on SiriusXM NBA Radio and has worked as an analyst for Yahoo! Sports as a college basketball team analyst.

His Ankle Was Fractured

Greg Anthony, despite being retired, always has the same zeal and ability to get back on the field and compete. Greg might not be able to play as much as he once did in professional sports, but the 51-year-old will still appreciate an NBA game with his sons. Greg didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity to return, so he began practicing and playing basketball with his youngest son.

In the process, the University of Nevada graduate dislocated his ankle and fractured his fibula muscle, injuring himself. On October 20, 2018, Greg posted on Instagram about his injury.

Fans and fans showered well-wishes on the former basketball player. Greg posted in November 2018 that his operation went well and that he would be on IR. The tv analyst thanked his viewers and well-wishers for their help during his injury.

Biography of Greg Anthony

Greg Anthony was born on November 15, 1967, in Los Vegas, Nevada, as Gregory Charlton “Greg” Anthony. The former NBA star, who is now 51 years old, stands at a towering 6 foot tall. He has a fine physique as an athlete. The player is an American citizen who was born in Las Vegas. He now contributes specialist college basketball coverage based on his years of practice.

He attended Rancho High School in North Las Vegas, Nevada, and graduated with honors. He later enrolled at the University of Portland, where he participated in freshmen college basketball. He then went on to the University of Nevada, where he continued his education.