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Dorit Kemsley Biography

Dorit Kemsley is an American fashion designer and television personality born on 16th July 1976 in Woodridge, Connecticut. She is a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is the founder of a fashion line Beverly Beach by Dorit which specialises on swimwear and resort wear.

Dorit attended Quinnipiac University-School of Business in State of Connecticut graduating with a degree in marketing, design, and communications. At the age of 19, she moved to Italy, where she took a job in an international fashion outfit that specializes in making swimwear.

In 2009 she relocated to New York to start her fashion line, Dorit International, focusing on making elegant swimwear and resort wear. She was featured in 2013 edition of the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week.

Dorit is also an advocate for Safe Kids, an organization that focuses on mitigating the risks of avoidable injuries among children in the country.

Dorit Kemsley Age/ Birthday

Dorit was born on 16th July 1976 in Woodridge, Connecticut (41 years old as of 2018)

Dorit Kemsley Height/ How Tall Is Dorit Kemsley

Dorit stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches/ 1.65 meters.

Dorit Kemsley Sister

Dorit has a little sister who in February 2019 she posted on Instagram with the caption: “My sister, my heart, thank you for flying in this weekend and making the kids birthday celebrations even more special. I love that our kids are as close as we are. #mylittlesis I love you so much!”

Dorit Kemsley Husband

Dorit married Paul Kemsley in 2015 after getting engaged in 2014. Paul is an English businessman who is a property developer and former Vice-Chairman of Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur. She is also the chairman of New York Cosmos. He also runs a management agency Nixxi Entertainment, along with Dorit. Some of the clients they represent includes Boy George.

Dorit Kemsley Kids

Dorit and her husband have two children, a son, Jagger and a daughter Phoenix. During an episode of RHOBH, it was revealed that Jagger was suffering from some medical issues. It was later revealed that he was suffering from a brain condition known as dyspraxia that impairs physical movements.

Dorit Kemsley Net worth

Dorit has an estimated net worth of $50 Million.

Dorit Kemsley Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2016 during the show’s seventh season as a good friend to Lisa Vanderpump and as a replacement for Yolanda Hadid.

Dorit Kemsley Dog

Kemsley adopted a dog named Lucy from Vanderpump’s rescue, Vanderpump Dogs. She later arranged for private adoption to another person after the dog nipped at her children and even bit her husband. The person dropped the dog off at a shelter.

Vanderpump was later called to take the dog as the shelter identified it because it has a microchip. Dorit and Vanderpump along with their husbands had dinner together where Vanderpump tried to explain to Kemsleys that they were supposed to return the dog to the rescue.

Dorit Kemsley Robbery

In January 2019 Dorit and her husband Paul were trying to sell their Beverly Hills home when it was reportedly targeted by a robber who frequented open houses. The house was enlisted with help of realtors David Parnes and James Harris after it had been on the market for nearly six months with a price tag of $12.75 million. Parnes and Harris throw a broker’s open house to hopefully attract potential buyers.

Two weeks after the party, PK and Dorit’s home was allegedly burglarized, causing them to take it off the market.

On January 3 the Los Angeles Police Department announced they had made an arrest in the case, and Dorit and PK’s home wasn’t the only one the suspect hit.

The suspect Benjamin Eitan Ackerman was taken into custody for allegedly stealing millions of dollars worth of designer goods and art from multiple Hollywood Hills homes over the past two years.

Dorit Kemsley Debt

Dorit together with her husband Paul allegedly owes Ryan Horne, a former business partner hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Dorit was in the Bahamas in 2018 she was confronted by a woman named Jasmine Lennard over the alleged debt.

Horne had sued the couple for $200,000 claiming that he gave them a cash advance for Dorit’s swimwear line, Beverly Beach by Dorit, but they never gave the money back.

After the confrontationDorit took to Twitter where she explained that Horne is one of her closest friends, and he invested a lot of money into Dorit’s business.

Dorit Kemsley Lawsuit

Dorit and her husband were being sued by a business partner who claims the couple stiffed him for an amount totaling over $205,000. According to TMZ they obtained court documents which cclaimed that Ryan Horne forged a partnership with Dorit and Paul back in August 2017, and fronted them $130,000 in merchandise, and $75,000 in other expenses to start Dorit’s swimsuit company.

Ryan stated that they each owned 1/3 of the company but when the couple sold the company at a profit they never paid him.

Dorit Kemsley Boob Job/ Before RHOBH

Dorit Kemsley House

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