Carrie Severino Biography, Age, Husband, Neck, Fox News, Net worth

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Who is Carrie Severino?

Carrie Severino is an American lawyer, counsel, writer, and speaker who is currently the President of The Judicial Crisis Network. She has held several positions throughout her career such as serving as the law clerk for two US Court judges but she frequently appears on TV programs and also writes political articles for the National Review. This article would provide detailed information on Carrie Severino biography, age, husband, health, neck, Fox News, net worth, and other facts about her. First, let’s take a look at her profile below.

Profile summary

Carrie Severino Biography

Carrie Severino was born on January 21, 1977, in Kent County Michigan, USA to Mark Campbell and Marti Campbell. Her parents are devout Christians and she became a Catholic when she became married. She attended Duke University where she graduated with a degree in Biology in 1999 before proceeding to Michigan State University where she read Linguistics. Carrie furthered her education by attending Harvard Law School and she earned a JD & graduated cum-laude in 2004.

Carrie Severino Career

Carrie Severino started her career as a clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas who worked at the U.S Supreme court for a year. In order to gain more experience, she worked with Becket Fund for Religious Liberty as a clerk. She worked at Becket for a year before proceeding to take the Bar Examination in 2007 and she became the clerk to Judge David B Sentelle.

After a period of working as a clerk, she moved to Georgetown University Law School as an Olin fellow and she later became a Dean’s visiting scholar. She joined the Judicial Crisis Network as a chief counsel and policy director and in March 2010, she joined the Judicial Crisis Network as its Chief counsel and policy director.

Carrie Severino Husband

Carrie is married to Roger Thomas Severino who is a director of the U.S Department of Health and Human services Office for Civil Rights. Roger, like his wife, is a devout Christian and he also obtained a J.D from Harvard Law School. The couple have 6 children together

Carrie Severino Neck Surgery

There is no information concerning Carrie undergoing neck surgery and that information is currently under review.

Carrie Severino Net worth

Carrie has worked as a clerk for a long time and as an Academia title, which means she has earned a lot. She has an estimated net worth of $600,000