Autumn Snyder – The Life and Death of Zack Snyder’s Daughter

Until March 2017, Autumn Snyder was presumed to be one of the most fortunate celebrity kids. The daughter of a famous filmmaker, nothing had prepared her father and the entire family for the depth of pain Autumn’s death precipitated. Though Autumn left indelible memories in her short life, she became more famous in death. Here’s a detailed insight into the life and times of Zack Snyder’s daughter.

Autumn Snyder’s Biography

Originally from China, Autumn Snyder was born on November 27, 1996. As the daughter of a popular filmmaker, she is believed to have had a decent and comfortable upbringing by all standards. While details regarding Autumn’s elementary education are unknown, she was studying for a degree at Sarah Lawrence College before her death. From her tertiary academic records, it is safe to say Autumn was art-inclined.

One of the painful effects of losing a young and promising loved one is the never-ending thought of what they could have become if still alive. Autumn Snyder had literary gifts and was working on an unpublished fictional novel prior to her demise. If it’s any consolation, the world may eventually get to read Autumn’s book as her family once stated that plans are underway to publish it in the near future. More so, Autumn may have had a great Hollywood career. Growing up, she used to accompany her filmmaker dad to work and perhaps picked interest in the entertainment industry by watching actors behind the camera. She had a minor screen credit in one of her father’s movie productions Man of Steel. Having been on set with her father the day the fight scene between General Zod and Superman was shot, Autumn Synder’s cameo role was more verbal than physical.

In her short life, Autumn Snyder left indelible memories. Despite being born into affluence, she had a good heart. She was involved in charity for the less privileged and was part of the 2014 Crowd Rise campaign which caters for homeless women and children. In collaboration with a non-profit The Elizabeth House, the young and promising author dedicated every word written in her novel within two weeks to the charitable cause. Autumn and her siblings apparently did their parents proud that Zack Snyder later applauded her good gesture on social media.

Unfortunately, Autumn’s light was unexpectedly dimmed on March 20, 2017, after she took her own life. Details regarding the suicide and the decision for her actions have not been disclosed from both the Snyders and authorities. The family’s decision to keep the tragic incident private has apparently been respected by the public.

Facts About Zack Snyder’s Daughter

What to Know About Her Family

Late Autumn Snyder is a product of Zack’s first marriage with Denise Weber. Before things went sour, her parent’s had a loving and liberal family. While Olivia and Eli are her parent’s biological kids, Autumn and Willow were adopted from China. She also had two half-brothers Ezekiel and Jett from her father’s second relationship with Kirsten Elin and two more adopted siblings Sage and Cash from Zack’s current wife Deborah Snyder (Johnson) whom he married in 2004.

A doting father, Zack has Autumn’s name as well as that of his other seven children tattoed on his arm. Zack’s children seem to have inherited his entertainment genes. Directly and indirectly, they played integral roles in the success of their father’s 2010 movie Legends Of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole which was a huge commercial success.

Exit from Justice League Production

Autumn Snyder’s father was working on the Justice League movie when he was hit with the tragic news of her death. Though he was at the last phase of the movie, Zack was so devastated that he stepped down from his duties in the film’s production in order to be with his family at that time of grief. But this was after thanking fans and critics for the overwhelming support for the family in their difficult time. As expected, his exit left a big vacuum in the crew but The Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon was promptly brought on board to finish off the production.

While many initially thought The Batman v. Superman and Justice League director had officially retired from movies, reports later surfaced that Zach had begun working again. He worked with his wife Deborah on a Netflix zombie thriller Army of the Dead.